Historical background

Comune di AttimisThe “Museo dei Castelli” (Castle Museum), inaugurated in 1999, is the pride of this locality, housing the artefacts of many excavations carried out in the 1990s at the fort sites of Attimis Inferiore, Attimis Superiore and Partistagno. In this village, the impressive remains of a famous castle dating back to the year 1100 – destroyed a century later by order of the emperor of Germany, who wanted to overthrow the resistance of the feudal family of the same name – have been recently restored and made accessible to visitors.
The origins of Attimis can be traced back to the first century of the second millennium. It was a villa ruled by another castle called Attems, of which only the ruins now remain.
Today, the main economic activity is mixed. In recent years, many artisan and industrial businesses have emerged, whereas the agricultural segment has developed the cultivation of vines, particularly in the hamlet of Racchiuso, thus providing excellent products. Many visitors come to the area in search of genuine gourmet specialities, which, in the right season, can be found in the form of dishes made with herbs, mushrooms and wild fowl.

Companies in the Municipality