The Consortium

The Consorzio Tutela Vini “Friuli Colli Orientali e Ramandolo” was founded – among the first in Italy – in 1970. Several decades have now passed, and it is exactly during this period of time that viticulture in these areas has significantly developed, gaining recognition both nationally and internationally.

This development has coincided in many cases with the generational transition, from farmers born in the first half of the century (for whom wine was only one of the products that contributed to the overall income of the family business) to their offspring who have successfully transformed their father’s work into structured wineries equipped with modern technology, thus making use of the precious heritage of knowledge of the territory and its winemaking vocation handed down from generation to generation.
During this phase of development, the Consortium has provided extensive training, information, technical assistance and promotional activities alongside the institutional supervision and protection of the use of DOC status.
Today, the Consortium has about 200 members, of which approximately 3/4 are bottlers. Their vineyards (2,100 registered hectares) produce more than 80,000 hectolitres of DOC wine, of which at least 30% is sold abroad.
The wine is mainly exported to European countries, as well as to the USA and Japan. Austria and Germany are still important markets, where the Consortium regularly organises presentations and tastings that are especially appreciated by its members and the general public.
This promotional activity is coordinated by a small team, which, since 2014, has been lucky to work in a prestigious location, a historic villa situated in Corno di Rosazzo, known as Villa Nachini – Cabassi (dated around 1720). One of the first Venetian Villas in the Friuli region, its special feature is its early medieval architecture that gives it unrivalled uniqueness. Tourists wanting to learn more about the wines of the Colli Orientali do not miss the opportunity to stop for a while and admire its stone walls and graceful columns, perfectly preserved and restored.